13 May 2007

12 May 2007 - Toward a positive Palestinian nationalism

The voting continues at the Third Annual 2007 Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards. Thank you to those who have voted for this blog—and if you haven’t yet, please do so in both categories, here and here. There are also many other outstanding blogs up for awards, including one of my favorites, It’s Almost Supernatural, which you can vote for here and here, and which you can read and read and read here.

This week saw the launch of New Society, a new student journal on Middle Eastern affairs, here at Harvard University. The journal was founded by Julia Bertelsmann with support from the Shalem Center in Jerusalem and from the Harvard Hillel. I have a piece in it, excerpts of which appeared on this blog a couple months ago. New Society will have its own website soon, but for now here’s the full article, below.

Toward a Positive Palestinian Nationalism


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