27 November 2007

26 November 2007 - Raise the flag of hope

OK guys, let’s really get it done tomorrow. As skeptical as I am about Annapolis, I have to hope that this will be the meeting that finally does it. Bradley Burston makes the point in Ha’aretz: if the experts are always wrong, and they’re all predicting a terrible failure in Annapolis, then things are looking good. I don’t think things are quite so easy (and, I suspect, neither does he). But why not?

The best sign of hope is the fact that the Iranians are suddenly waking up and doing their damndest to stop anything from succeeding in Annapolis. Good! Long may the Iranian sirens wail. Some Arab states are still desperate to avoid any semblance of normal contact with Israel—e.g. handshakes—but interest may eventually prevail over decades of self-defeating violence and delusion. Let’s hope!


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