03 October 2008

3 October 2008 - Don't be a Fabrenta Farshtunkena Yenta

Joe Biden can't tell the difference between the West Bank and Gaza, thinks Hezbollah was kicked out of Lebanon (with the help of the French!), and lied about Barack Obama's support for the elections that brought Hamas to power in 2006.

But because you're a Jew, you should vote for Obama, Sarah Silverman tells us. Or else you are a racist! And it will all be your fault if McCain wins.

Well, Jackie Mason has a message for you.


At 3:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Joel,gotta hand it to Jackie Mason - he is an "Alte K@*ker" with spunk who truly knows how to out a "Yenta" (in all age groups) and I am sure is able to do the same with all the "Vabrentes" on the right (and left) of the polical spectrum. Could "Hassled Babbelbek" be one of those (in the first category)? ;)TWS

At 9:24 AM, Blogger Joel said...

I am amazed that you think Hasselbeck was out of line. She defended her position--and did so with clear, factual arguments--against constant attempts to shout her down. Whoopi Goldberg didn't even try to argue on the merits; she just tried the relativist approach and eventually collapsed into the ridiculous claim that Palin "doesn't know anything." Your own bias and fear is showing through here, I'm afraid. You hear someone labeled as a Christian or a conservative and you imagine them as some kind of Neanderthal. It's silly and you really ought to update your knowledge, china.

At 2:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Joel,Elizabeth HB was not out of line, she just did not impress. Did a forensic audit on the tape and and while Whoopi banged on more than others, her comment on Palin being a heartbeat away from becoming president should something happen to McCain ("a friend", she said)was followed by a protest from HB to which Whoopi replied: "because she does not know anything about it" and not "she does not know anything". She said earlier that all the candidates were far from qualified to be president. And in all of this HB said:"Barack Obama has the least experience of all the candidates and he is at the top of the ticket. Barack Obama has no experience!".Hello, its debatable who was doing the most totalising, especially since two key word were left out of your quoting Whoopi. But let me not get to obsessive as I sometimes am, and lets just agree to disagree on these smallish points friend. Theo S

At 8:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jackie didn't get to the really offensive aspect of Silverman's ad -- the part that actually made me think it MUST be self-parody.

Silverman doesn't tell young Jews what arguments to make on Obama's behalf; instead she advises them to blackmail their grandparents into submission with the threat that they won't visit Florida again unless Zayde does as instructed on Nov. 4.

If Sarah Silverman did not intend this as satire, it's a stunning insight into her view of Jewish gen-Xers' total contempt for their grandparents. Any self-respecting grandparent would respond to such a threat of abandonment by immediately showing said grandchild the door, and then instruct his/her lawyer to write the young scheister out of his/her will!


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