04 February 2009

04 February 2009 - I take that back

The South African Jewish Board of Deputies has now backed down in the most disgraceful manner:

The president had accepted Hajaig's withdrawal of the comments and her unqualified apology and there would be no further action against her.

"The deputy minister has owned up to the mistake she has committed and government is satisfied," Maseko said.

SA Jewish Board of Deputies national chairman Zev Krengel said Hajaig's apology on Wednesday was fully accepted.

"We are very happy with the apology and happy that the cabinet and the president took it seriously.

"We can thank cabinet and the president for getting her to apologise as she did," he said.

The deputy minister could not bring herself to apologize to the community, but one private apology to the president and the community's leaders back down.

How completely useless and indefensible. South African Jews really are in danger.

UPDATE: Perhaps I spoke too soon, again. See comment below.


At 5:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, we didn't backtrack. The second apology made by Hajaig - wrung out of her by pressure from the Cabinet and the President himself - was indeed unequivocal, and fully retracted what had been said. It would have backfired on us if we'd rejected it too. In our acceptance, we thanked the President and his Cabinet, not Hajaig. And the matter is not over - she still has to apologise directly to us (as the Jewish community), and through our complaint with the Human Rights Commission we intend ensuring that she does.

David Saks, Associate Director SAJBD


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