05 March 2009

05 March 2009 - Hillary buys a whopper

Hillary Clinton slammed Israel yesterday for its plans to destroy Arab homes in a section of East Jerusalem.

Anti-Israel activists have described the demolitions as "ethnic cleansing," yet another example of Israeli cruelty.

And Hillary bought it, saying that the move was "unhelpful and not in keeping with the obligations entered into under the 'road map'."

There's only one problem: the whole story is a lie.

According to Israel's left-wing daily, Ha'aretz, the homes are in fact an "illegal Palestinian outpost," built on an ancient site of acknowledged Jewish historical and religious significance.

They were built illegally, and in the face of attempts by the Israeli authorities to resolve the issue peacefully and fairly, anti-Israel groups used the issue to incite outrage.

Hillary Clinton bought their story, and their demonization of Israel. Not exactly "tough diplomacy." And not a good sign for the future.


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