09 March 2009

09 March 2009 - Another reason to cheer the demise of the New York Times

New York Times
columnist Roger Cohen is cheered by the fact that western countries are beginning to see terror groups like Hamas and Hizbollah as legitimate parts of Middle Eastern political systems.

He writes:

Britain aligned itself with the U.S. position on Hezbollah, but has now seen its error. Bill Marston, a Foreign Office spokesman, told Al Jazeera: “Hezbollah is a political phenomenon and part and parcel of the national fabric in Lebanon. We have to admit this.”


Precisely the same thing could be said of Hamas in Gaza. It is a political phenomenon, part of the national fabric there.

The use of "Hallalujah" in praising Islamist terror groups is either an attempt to be cute or a betrayal of Cohen's total ignorance about radical Islam. And never mind the fact that both groups are armed and funded by an outside imperialist force--Iran--or that both hold hostage their respective populations (Lebanese and Palestinians, respectively). No--their use of force against civilians entitles them to recognition.

Israeli force, on the other hand... even in self-defense...

Speaking of violence, it’s worth recalling what Israel did in Gaza in response to sporadic Hamas rockets. It killed upward of 1,300 people, many of them women and children; caused damage estimated at $1.9 billion; and destroyed thousands of Gaza homes. It continues a radicalizing blockade on 1.5 million people squeezed into a narrow strip of land.

At this vast human, material and moral price, Israel achieved almost nothing beyond damage to its image throughout the world. Israel has the right to hit back when attacked, but any response should be proportional and governed by sober political calculation. The Gaza war was a travesty; I have never previously felt so shamed by Israel’s actions.

"Sporadic" rockets? Try thousands of rockets and mortars over a sustained 7-year period. 1,300 people? Women and children? Estimated by whom? Blockade? I have never previously felt so shamed by America's "newspaper of record," not since Bob Herbert's bogus claims of racism and phallic imagery in last year's American presidential campaign. Cohen's swallowed the propaganda and regurgitates it for all to see.

Newspapers of all political stripes are suffering, but the Times's indulgence of this sort of terrorist fantasy is the main reason many readers like myself have become former readers. When you hold yourself out as the most objective source of news in the country, and then deliver garbage no different from what is screamed by foaming-at-the-mouth protesters in Harvard Square, you deserve to fail.


At 1:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeffrey Goldberg
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Andrew Sullivan's take:
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Re:"Women and children? Estimated by whom?"

At 9:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Per Benjamin's pieces: So here we are, implementing the Hamilton - Baker suggestions of divide and conquer the Iranian axis through good cop bad cop and get a gravity shift in the region through ramming a Palestinian state down Israel's throat.
Enter the Netanyahu government, with the National Union of Kahanists significantly absent.
This government does not merit demonization. Netanyahu's Likud, SHAS, Aguda (whatever it's called now), and Yisraeil Beteinu which represents a Russian Jewry that helped bring Soviet Communism to its knees and is now on good terms with today's Russia, are all representative, established constituencies.
With virulent antisemitism spewing out of the Radical left/Islamic global alliance, such a government will definitely maintain Jewish support, and with Obama's resurrected FDR new dealism leaving many American's dissatisfied, Israel will not be easy to pressure, however much the pundits pontificate. Right now Washington's favorite Palestinian, Fayad is being dumped to make way for Fatah-Hamas unity which will be based on pursuing the resistance and capitalizing on surging global antisemitism brought on by the global depression.
These are the Final Hours. Ayleh Sha-ot Ha-Achranot.
To read American pundits who deny the fundamental imperialist nature of Persian civilization (which has nothing to do with its Islam) and the deeply revoltionary nature of its "Islamist regime" shows this entire discussion to be about the personal vindication of these pundits. Iran's foreign minister stated Iranian claims on Bahrain just the other week!
Netanyahu's optimal strategy is to stay in negotiations through American mediation with Arab interlocutors but to do so with confidence and toughness, as the Hamilton-Baker overture comes crashing down. Then there will at least be a chance for some American support for Israel for the "final hours." And if the negotiations actually bear fruit because the Sunni and maybe even the Shia really don't want apocalypse, gam zu la-tovah. The first order of business for supporters of Israel is to defend the legitimacy of Israel's next government against those rubbing their hands in glee and anticipation for the global lynching of the State of the Jews.


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