21 May 2007

20 May 2007 - Silver medal for the Guide!

The winners in the Third Annual 2007 Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards have been announced, and Guide to the Perplexed has won a Silver Medal in the “Best Left-Wing Political Blog” category! Thank you to everyone who voted for this blog. It’s amazing to have achieved this award after just over three months of blogging. It’s also been great to see the number of visitors increase as a result of the competition.

The Gold medal went to jspot, and the Bronze to DovBear—two somewhat more conventionally left-wing blogs. In the Best New Blog category, I got blown away—as did everybody else—by the foodie blog The Jew and The Carrot. But I had a rather decent showing there, too. So thank you again—and I promise to do my best to make this blog well worth the read in the exciting weeks and months ahead!


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