07 February 2008

07 February 2008 - One year of blogging

Guide to the Perplexed turned one year old yesterday. It’s been an intense and interesting year of covering human rights and peacemaking in the Middle East, among other, not always related, subjects. I have been pleasantly surprised by the success of the blog, and I’m very thankful for the loyalty of a growing reader base. Hopefully there will many more years of blogging and writing to come.

There were some particular highlights. The blog “broke” three stories: 1. Cut-and-paste fakery at Electronic Intifada, whose founder also manufactured a false letter from Nelson Mandela; 2. Anti-semitism at Boston’s Old South Church, a story that was linked by Little Green Footballs and the Lizard Army; and 3. Charles Enderlin’s stunning admission that Arafat faked his blood donation after 9/11.

There was also a silver medal in the Jewish & Israeli Blog Awards for Best Left Wing Blog, which was totally unexpected. And, of course, I have had the privilege of exchanging emails with dozens of new friends and fellow bloggers. It has, at times, been difficult to keep up my daily posts. The demands of work and study can be rather extreme at times. But I’ll do my best to keep the pace going this year.

Special thanks are due to the guys at It's Almost Supernatural for their friendship and support.

I have no idea if the kid in the video below is one year old, but he's got the blogging attitude just about right.


At 4:07 AM, Blogger Thermblog said...

Heartiest congratulations Joel, you've done some very valuable work.

I have your blog on my RSS feed and look forward to new posts.

At 6:46 AM, Anonymous Steve said...

Happy, happy. Your blog has been without doubt one of the most important reads on the political web over the past year.

Thanks for the mention.

At 12:31 PM, Anonymous Greg said...

Congrats on a year of enlightening folks such as myself. I quoted your post about antisemitism in the Old North Church to some fellow parishioners who have the dubious distinction of having the Right Reverend M. Thomas Shaw as our Bishop. I have not confronted our rector yet but that is coming. Between this fool and the recent acts of the Bishop of Canterbury, Anglicanism is taking some hits. All self inflicted and deserved,


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