06 June 2007

06 June 2007 - Kasrils cheered for Nasser

Yesterday, I asked where Kasrils was forty years ago, during the Six Day War. Now we know: he was cheering on Nasser’s forces from a comfortable distance, supporting the Arab states’ goal of destroying Israel, reveling in the ignorant, hateful, self-indulgent glee that seized the Arab-Soviet bloc before reality set in.

It is worth remembering what Nasser’s declared war aims were, ten days before the fighting actually broke out:

“The battle will be a general one and our basic objective will be to destroy Israel. I probably could not have said such things five or even three years ago. If I had said such things and had been unable to carry them out my words would have been empty and worthless. Today, some eleven years after 1956, I say such things because I am confident.”

Now Ronnie is cheering for Hamas and Iran. As they say: aluta continua!

Thanks to the bloggers at It’s Almost Supernatural for the tip-off.


At 10:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even now, forty years later, historians are still uncovering the plethora of truths regarding the 1967 conflict.

Most disturbing are Arab intelligence memos dividing an "assumed defeated" Israel into zones of rule between Egypt, Syria and Jordan and outlying which Israeli populations had to be moved to other centers and which Israeli town populaces had to be outright exterminated by the occupying armies.

Truly sickening.


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