31 May 2007

30 May 2007 - Letting Hamas in the back door?

I’m not sure whether this is true or not, but the Mail & Guardian recently reported that the South African Jewish community would agree to drop its objections to a visit from Hamas premier Ismail Haniyeh if he came as the head of the Palestinian government and not as the head of the organization. If the facts line up—and I can’t confirm them yet—they would represent an astonishingly supine and indefensible position.

UPDATE: I am now informed that the Board has, in fact, taken no such position and that the M&G has the story wrong.

Meanwhile, the proposed South African boycott of Israel rolls along, getting coverage in Ha’aretz. Apparently the week of Palestinian solidarity events will kick off with Friday sermons in mosques around the country. These are bound to be radical—I have heard some broadcast on local radio, and they can be absolutely awful when it comes to the subject of Israel, or America. So much for moderation…


At 9:22 AM, Anonymous Hard Rain said...

In a lovely coincidence to this, Friday the 1st of June is also when Al Jazeera English premiers on DSTV in South Africa at 7pm (just in time for when mosque prayers are over).

Thanks so much, Multichoice!

At 2:58 PM, Anonymous mike said...

Hopefully they will force the MG to issue a correct!


Kasrils's Middle East escapade isn't going according to plan. The Hamas / Fatah civil war is undermining the Haniyeh "invitation" and making the South African involvement increasingly irrelevant.
Nasrallah was 100% on the ball when he recognized Israel's democratic strength compared to her dictatorial Arab enemies. Nasrallah knew that his paymasters would never allow a commission like Winograd to investigate their own failings!
To conclude, Ronnie Kasrils's Kalishnakov, like Manto's garlic, is passed its sell-by date.


A while ago, I wrote to The South African Jewish Board of Deputies with the following...

When dealing with a bully, like Kasrils, or any other bully for that matter, there is only one proper response. It is to stand your ground.

If you don't follow this advice,you and the South African jewish community, will be "dead in the playground".


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