14 October 2008

14 October 2008 - Jewish Anti-Semitism at New Voices

I don't like the phrase "self-hating Jew." Most so-called "self-hating Jews" actually hate other Jews and make exceptions for themselves.

Case in point: New Voices magazine, run by Jewish students and funded by Jewish donors.

This month's issue is an execrable rant against religious Judaism, as represented by the Lubavitch movement. I won't bother linking to it.

And they're promoting the issue with a "Black October" survey that asks: "As the global economy crumbles, New Voices, the national Jewish student magazine, asks, is it the Jews' fault?"

No, it's not funny. And I'm not even sure it's trying to be.

Check out the survey questions:

The New Voices Black October Survey

1. The Economic Crisis and Us

First, a few questions about the Jews and the economic crisis.

1. The ADL has warned that global financial crisis is already sparking anti-Semitism, and the Jewish press has followed up with a few breathless stories. Are such fears overblown?



2. Lehman Brothers was founded by three Bavarian Jews in 1850. Half of the CEOs of Godman Sachs since 1992 have been Jewish. Precisely what percentage of the responsibility for the collapse of the financial system rests on the Jews?




3. How will Jews benefit most from the New Great Depression?

-Government-sponsored golden parachutes for every Jewish banker

-Chasidic control of the fedora market

-Bailout funds secretly diverted to buy weapons for IDF

4. In July of 2007, two Bear Stearns hedge funds collapsed, helping to create the conditions for the current crisis. Throughout the week in which the collapses took place, Stearns CEO James Cayne was at a bridge tournament in Tennessee. What kind of Jew plays bridge?

-The kind who knows that, whatever happens, he can still walk away and sell his shares for $60 million

-The kind who, according to the Wall Street Journal, gets high in the bathroom after tournaments

-The kind who runs Bear Stearns, apparently

5. After years of adulation, the New York Times turned on former Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan last week, laying the financial crisis squarely on his shoulders. What's the worst thing about Alan Greenspan?

-His friendship with Ayn Rand

-His disastrous support for massive deregulation

-That he's one of us

6. Would the Jewish community be worried about being blamed for the economic calamity if we didn't feel a little guilty?




At 8:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How is one to assess these psychopathological manifestations now presenting as a perverse group (dis)loyalty amongst these American Jews clearly infected by a blend of political ideology and antisemitism? How did such a perverse, dominant group self-concept of Jews obsessed with failure, both of the Jews and their own, emerge?
1. Dominance of political ideology in the expression of Jewish identity
2. A new medium - the internet - to bind these misguided souls into a political ideological grouping in the light of circumstances so readily parsed according to classical antisemitic canards.
The real question is not these quislings, but the ramifications of the percolation of antisemitism with a variety of American political ideologies. How dangerous is this in light of unfolding circumstances? "Can IT happen here?"
There can be no question that the dominant media-political line in the USA is still clearly pro-Israel, but in trying times, those lines do not necessarily hold. It all depends on how you understand the ramifications of the current economic crisis and where that will go. Economics is not the only dismal science.
One scenario of election results more likely to unleash more polarization of right and left in the American and Israeli cultural wars than any other, is Obama emerging victorious in USA and Bibi emerging victorious in Israel.
For these self-hating Jews this will be the scenario where their delusional mischief can cause the greatest damage.


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