06 January 2009

06 January 2009 - Human rights activist commits human rights violation

This speaks for itself:

A protestor from the Adalah human rights organization demonstrating outside the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem against the IDF operation in Gaza threw a stone at a vehicle in the area after the driver shouted, "Shame on you" to the protesters.

The stone hit the head of a police officer in the area and he was evacuated for medical treatment. The stone-thrower was arrested and the demonstration was scattered.


At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously stone throwing, or any kind of violence in this context cannot be justified. I would also like to point out that Israeli police has detained and interrogated many lawful protestors who demonstrated against the war. The Shabak (shin bet) has also brought in protestors for "questioning" and warnings". Here is ACRI's letter to the attorney general on this matter (sorry it's in Hebrew)


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