14 February 2008

14 February 2008 - Al-Durah? So What?

From Professor Landes: simply brilliant.


At 3:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We were so much better off when the only the newspaper channeled popular sentiment. Dreyfuss was actually turned around through the very medium that created it. But in a world in which the newspaper's impact is dying, who even has to reflect intellectually at that level? One is completely overcome by indignation, and the right to vent it come what may. This is analagous to the debate in meta-ethics which finds non-cognitivism and emotivism dominant, that judgments of value cannot be decided through reasoned argument but are essentially emotional tugs of war. What the Palestinians planned in Intifada 2 was brilliant. They knew how guilt ridden is the Israeli left, they knew how to frame the entire battle. They maneuver themselves into win wins ie if Israel wins it loses and if it loses it loses, but the Palestinians win either way. Their must be a lot of smug satisfaction in out-victimizing the Jews in this way as Israel was given its UN legitimacy owing to Jewish victimhood.
The only question which is on the table is then how and to what extent can this new blood libel be turned back as was Dreyfuss given the new conditions of communication, information, knowledge and wisdom in our world? It really must be center leftists like Joel who take the Israeli left to task for this idiocy. They never gave up on Buber and Ahad Ha-am's insistence on hinging the justification of Zionism's practical rebuilding on the solidity of its justice. But justice in the realworld game of nations is amoral. And the entire Zionist enterprise has been guilty from the get go for underestimating the genocidal potential of Islamic imperialism which was already evident in the slaughter of the Armenians. Landis has found an issue on which we can move Israelis to greater sanity and responsibility, but can we really?


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