17 September 2008

18 September 2008 - Columnist: "I hope Palin shoots herself"

In tomorrow's Cape Times, South African columnist John Scott has published one of the more extreme anti-Palin screeds I've seen thus far.

Scott is a reasonable fellow whose columns are both insightful and enjoyable. But he has clearly succumbed to the global media hysteria over Palin, which is amplified in South Africa by the left-wing consensus in the press and the virtual silence about all things McCain.

The article is entitled: "Sarah Palin reminds me of other scary women I've known." After regurgitating several debunked Palin smears, and recounting "unhappy encounters" he's had "with women of similar ilk," Scott concludes:

"I just hope Sarah Palin shoots herself, too, in the foot."

Now, to shoot oneself "in the foot" is a common rhetorical expression. But Scott uses it immediately after referring to John Wiley, a politician who actually did shoot himself and died from his wounds.

Scott's inflamed rhetoric is both uncharacteristic and unacceptable. He should immediately apologize.

Write to the Cape Times at: ctletters@inl.co.za


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