14 April 2008

14 April 2008 - Promoting Jihad at Harvard?

This weekend, Harvard Law School will be hosting its eighth Harvard University Forum on Islamic Finance, sponsored by Harvard Law School's Islamic Finance Project.

What Harvard isn't telling the participants is that Shari'a-compliant finance could potentially expose American companies to civil and criminal liability. Shari'a-compliant funds must apparently donate money to charity to compensate for investments in non-shari'a-compliant enterprises. These charitable funds (zakat) have on several occasions been linked to terror funding networks.

This time, critics of shari'a finance have asked to participate in the forum, without success. Their efforts have already attracted a bit of attention. This Thursday, they'll be holding a panel discussion at Harvard Law School to present their views. More on this as it develops.


At 3:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After reading the link to the blurb around last year's forum one does not get one iota of insight into what shari'a financing and compliance is all about (with lots of coded terminology laced into the narrative), only a PC minimalist 'display' of the 'bountiful beauty' of all the papers given - as if a universe of profound undiscovered insight is in the process of being announced and incorporated. And I am still clueless. Crazy Kahuna?


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