24 July 2008

24 July 2008 - Obama staying in Presidential Suite

I'm traveling in Europe at the moment, and this morning German television took viewers on a tour of Obama's hotel suite. Obama has chosen Berlin's luxurious Hotel Adlon, and will be staying in the Presidential suite. The cost, according to the hotel's website, is roughly $20,000 per night (I'm sure Obama's donors will be glad to hear that). The TV reporter made sure to point out that George W. Bush stays in the same suite when he is in Berlin - another example of Obama acting the part before being cast in the role by voters.

It's amazing that Obama has kept his distance from reporters on this trip, and yet will emerge later today to address thousands of cheering Germans in Berlin. He is unavailable, except to the adoring masses. Does this not strike anyone else as a strange thing to do, especially given some rather unfortunate episodes in German history? Will Americans be impressed by Obama's overseas popularity, or will the scenes from Berlin evoke memories of an earlier cult of personality?


At 6:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those of my friends who grew up in Soviet Russia say that Obama reminds them of any number of Young Communist group leaders, all slogans and smiles, no substance, with a layer of menace close to the skin.

At 10:04 PM, Blogger conefor4200 said...

Obama's handlers took a page from the old German Reich.

The true force of Obama's campaign is a well financed network of small activists, who care not for policies, but take orders from the HQ.

This is the opposite of freedom.

Of course, McCain should be the maverick now, and reform the Republicans into social liberals. Who can stand their anti-feminist policies?

It would be better for America and for both parties.

We are divided because fundamentalists make good income by whipping the believing young women and men into the anti-abortion frenzy. They are the wasted minds.

At 4:33 AM, Anonymous Hard Rain said...

I think Obama's PR crew are terrified the man will not only gaffe but reveal himself for the ignorant, merely superficially "charismatic" man he is when faced with real scrutiny.

At 2:24 PM, Anonymous Israeli said...

When you express concerns that Obama's appearance in Germany will "evoke memories of an earlier cult of personality", are you referring to JFK? Both, by the way, gave terrific speeches in Berlin.


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